ManUP! Moment | Why Do STRANGERS Celebrate You More Than RELATIVES?

In today's #manUPmoment I discuss a personal challenge I had to learn to deal with: getting more love OUTSIDE my house than I felt like I did INSIDE it. Bottom line? I kinda had to grow up (or to stay in sync with the brand, ManUP!) Though this is for men, trust me, ladies, you'll find this valuable as well!

Practical tips:

1. It's easy to become so familiar with a person that you stop 'seeing' them. Don't fall between those cracks. Always keep yourself attractive. We always notice attractive. Sometimes those closest to you will do a double take because they see others do a double take. 

2. Be intentional about not taking those closest to you for granted. Give them the same presentation you give the outside world: compelling and engaging conversation as well as kindness and pleasantries (even when you don't want to). Find creative ways to make them know that despite who needs outside your home, they are the most essential pieces in your world.

3. Finally, make it a habit of giving more than you take. Your life is a gift, and every day you wake up, know that you are a gift going somewhere to be delivered. Start with home. Never let your spouse or family feel that others get the best of you and they get the leftovers. Make them a priority by challenging yourself NEVER to be more of a burden than a blessing!