KD’s career began when he walked into a small college radio station and asked the question, ‘Excuse me ma’am, but could you tell me what time it is?’  It was the sound of his casual request that allowed him to spend time working at the college radio station. The time spent at the college radio station launched KD’s more than 20 year career as a successful broadcaster.

A veteran in the industry, KD’s highly motivating personality and inspiring radio show has captured the hearts of both the young and the seasoned, in cities all across America with his empowering and mind tingling thoughts and show topics.  His personal insight and on air guest help bring real answers to the issues affecting us as individuals and professionals, and our community.   KD Bowe has found a way to speak the language of the listeners. His impact is widely felt in the metro Atlanta area and his influence spans the United States.

A “motivator to the masses”, KD Bowe is a legendary radio broadcaster turned philanthropist who daily provides actionable solutions and insightful responses to the socio-economic ills plaguing individuals, families and communities. His life’s mission of educating and empowering individuals by offering a practical, principle-centered approach to living has caused KD to become a trusted advisor to many. As the Founder and Executive Director of ManUP! Community, Inc., KD Bowe has expanded his efforts to include equipping men with the tools necessary to fully walk out their manhood in light of the pressures presented by society. KD’s quest to transform the lives of men through ManUP! Community, Inc. is guided by the belief that (1) once a man is informed about who he really is, (2) is given the tools to heal from past hurts, and (3) is surrounded by a community of men who will unconditionally support him; he will thrive and flourish into an unstoppable force of productivity.

KD is supported by his lovely family, his wife Ivy and his children who seem to be following his comedic personality: his two oldest sons Casey and Kamar, his daughter Kayla, and his youngest son Kamran.

KD has laid a solid foundation for which a legacy of unity, integrity, and positive change within communities particularly among African American families and men can be carried forth.  His efforts thus far have proven successful and quite admirable.  Yet this is only the beginning.  With his success steadily climbing, this signature voice seems unstoppable.